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NHS and CARE working with communities and local organisations to improve people’s lives

One Devon is a collaboration of the NHS and local councils, as well as a wide range of other organisations like the voluntary sector, who are working together to improve the lives of people in Devon.

One of the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that people need support which is joined up across local councils, the NHS and voluntary and community organisations – One Devon aims to do just that.

We want to make our system as strong and effective as possible, through partnership working and with the ambition to tackle health inequalities, help communities thrive and achieve the very best for everyone.

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Who we are

NHS Devon is the organisation responsible for the majority of county’s NHS budget, and develops a plan to improve people’s health, deliver high-quality care and better value for money.

The organisation is led by a diverse board, which includes representatives from local councils, primary care, acute hospital, mental health, learning disability and neurodiversity.

Devon is the fourth largest county in England with a diverse and growing population. It includes the cities of Plymouth and Exeter, more than 45 towns – both rural and urban – and several hundred parishes.

Our aim is to improve people’s lives in Devon – wherever they live – to reduce health inequalities and make sure we can deliver these services for the long term.

NHS Devon is one of 42 integrated care boards across the country, and took over the statutory functions of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) on 1 July 2022.

What we do

Within our annual budget of £2.3 billion, we plan and buy the majority (two-thirds) of the hospital and community NHS services for the county, including:

  • most planned hospital care
  • rehabilitative care
  • urgent and emergency care (including out-of-hours)
  • general practice (GP)
  • most community health services, such as community nursing and physiotherapy
  • maternity and new-born services (excluding neonatal intensive care)
  • infertility services
  • children and young people’s health services
  • mental health and learning disability services
  • continuing healthcare for people with ongoing health needs, such as nursing care

We involve local patients, carers and the public, and organisations such as the Healthwatch Devon, Plymouth and Torbay, to help us better understand local need and commission high-quality care that is safe, effective and focused on the patient experience.